Yiali Tzamisi (Yialou mosque) is the only surviving mosque in the town and is located in the Old Port of Chania, directly opposite the Egyptian Lighthouse. It was dedicated to the first commandant of Chania, Kioutsouk (small) Hasan (as many call it), and is one of the few remaining examples of Islamic art of the Renaissance. Built in the second half of the 17th century, the striking cubic building, which attracts the admiration of onlookers, is overlapped by a semi-spherical dome with no drum. In the west and north wing there is an open passage, as with all mosques. In about 1880 it was enclosed with neoclassical style arches. Yiali Tzamisi, which functioned as a mosque until 1923, is the work of an Armenian architect. Its use has been changed many times, occasionally housing the Archaeological Museum, EOT Tourist Information Office and the Museum of Folk Art.